Does SUGIZO have a castle in England?

I was wondering if anyone know anything more about this..
Many years ago I had an discussion with an LUNA SEA fan from a distant country, I remember she told me that SUGIZO had a house (almost like an castle) in England, and also that he is part German? I think it was some of his ancestors that were German. Anyways, it's interesting! ^_^

I was thinking, let's find out where SUGIZO lives in England, and let's visit him! xD
I imagine his house to be surrounded by a big fence though...

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2009-06-01 в 22:49 

Mila Adams
завидуйте мне: я сумасшедшая, а вы - нет :Р
When he started solo carrier in 1997 he moved to England.
I didn't hear anything about a castle, but I think it could be.

2009-06-01 в 23:27 

Yes. he is part German)))1/4 the German, if I'm not mistaken)))
sorry for my bad english

2009-06-01 в 23:33 

Mila Adams
завидуйте мне: я сумасшедшая, а вы - нет :Р
one of his parents is semi-German and semi-Japanese and another one is semi-Chinese and semi-Japanese. But I don't know who is who

2009-06-01 в 23:43 

Ahh I see, maybe it was only back then. ^__^
Thank you for telling me!

2009-06-01 в 23:43 

Oh! I understand, thanks for the information!
That's interesting to know! ^^

2009-06-01 в 23:44 

Thank you for your very informative post! That's really interesting, maybe that's why SUGIZO sort of looks a little western.

2009-06-02 в 11:57 

I remembered that SUGIZO is 1/4 german,his mother is japanese-german,and his father is japanese-chinese,so he is half japanese,1/4 chinese,and 1/4 german xD
and I never heard anything about Sugi's castle,I think you misunderstood,cause I think it was Ryuichi who has a castle (I swear I had his photos along the castle,but I lost it when my harddrive got virus),well Ryuichi was once a high tax payer in Japan,you can tell how rich he was :lol:

2009-06-02 в 15:06 

Wooow.. so ryuichi has a castle? Why he seems so rich and doesn't like the other members?
Is it because the other members don't spend their money in fancy things like.. castle? haha
Yes, I knew it too.. doesn't it said; Ryuichi is the highEST tax payer in Japan? :D

2009-06-02 в 16:10 


Ryuichi needs to buy castle to attract as many women as he could,hahahaha,you can tell Ryuichi was truly a playboy before he was married :lol:


I am forgot to say that Ryuichi castle of course not located in London,it probably in Japan :)

2009-06-02 в 18:36 

Ohh, I understand! Thank you very much for the detailed information! ^^
Ah yes I must have been like that, So Ryuichi really has an castle! That's really cool!
I think he lives there with his very very small dogs, :lol:

Haha it might be so! ^O^ Yes I heard so to, he must be really rich!

Haha it could have because of that ^_^
Ahh yes, I understood ^o^ I think Ryui is very dear to Japan, he doesn't seem to be interested in Europe at all.

2009-06-02 в 18:47 

Damn right.. I read in an interview, Ryuichi looks really aware of his fame among women...
Oh dear, Ryuichi... how could he so proud with gossips... XD XD XD

I think I just sent a private message to you, nyawq... sorry... web language problem.. haha

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